A word with Joey Hudy at Maker Faire Paris

A word with Joey Hudy at Maker Faire Paris


HudyIn a very quick but interesting interview, Joey confessed to us some facts behind his first invention and exciting news about his upcoming projects.badge-MFP-FINAL

Joey the youngest Intel employee told us that out of boredom, he first designed an air-canon with a ball-pen. He was coming back from school, when he thought  “why not make it bigger?”. And thus he successfully designed his famous marshmallow canon that astonished President Obama. The ammo for his canon was chosen by his careful parents, as marshmallows are harmless and easy to come by.


While we were talking, Joey was busy setting up two strange computer-chip like devices. One was connected to a peculiar looking cubic frame made of LEDs. Joey told us that the first chip was a tutorial tool for advanced-beginners. Its purpose is to teach how to solder properly on a chip.

The second device is by far the most thrilling one. Joey is working on a LED cube that will give a 3D image of an object. Ultimately this cube will be connected to a 3D-scanner. The analysis results are to be displayed in real time on the cube.

Text and picture by Adrien BESNIER – Common Wave


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