And… the Makey Goes to…

And… the Makey Goes to…

Tonight’s episode of Make: Live played host to the first annual MAKE Magazine Industry Maker Awards, aka The Makeys. Twelve companies were nominated in four categories and MAKE readers voted. The winners were announced tonight, live on the show at World Maker Faire. And those winners are:

Most Hackable Gadget – Microsoft Kinect
Most Repair Friendly – PanaVise
Best Education/Outreach Program – Parallax
Best Product Documentation – The LEGO Group

Jessica Uelmen, receiving the Best Education/Outreach award for Parallax

Congrats to all winners of a magnificent Makey trophy, designed and printed at MakerBot Industries. We hope everyone had fun with this and hope, as these awards grow, that they will help raise awareness amongst mainstream companies of the growing population of consumers who want technology you can open, understand, fix, hack, and mod. May a thousand Makeys bloom!

Special thanks to Sean Ragan who took the lead on this project, MakerBot Artist-in-Residence Jonathan Monaghan for designing the award, Kim Dow for designing the awesome Maker Faire robot, Matt Richardson and Becky Stern for hosting the Makeys on Make: Live, and all of the folks at O’Reilly/MAKE and at MakerBot who helped make these awards happen. And thanks to the nominees and a hardy congrats to all of the winners! Please don’t store Makey in a closet or on your bathroom toilet tank. Thank you.

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  1. Drew Harwell says:

    It’s hard to believe that LEGO’s assembly instructions beat out how Korg published their complete schematic for the monotron.  You can’t get much more complete documentation than that.

  2. Ömer Konat says:

    Thanks your post nice

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