Berlin Hacker Spaces

Berlin Hacker Spaces

I’m back from Defcon, Chaos Communications Camp, and a hacker space tour of Germany and Austria. I’ll be posting this week about the places. Did you notice that last weeks podcast was taped in Berlin? – Link


A long time ago, a space station from the future crashed in Berlin. A group of hackers discovered this station buried in the depths of a building and formed a collective to reverse engineer the ship so that it can be resurected… and then make it to the future to return again! C-Base is a hacker space with an awesome mythology to it. With over a hundred members, events happen every night to work on different projects. I had a chance to check out this touch-screen, rear-projection table top which has IR sensors to detect touch. One of the great things about this space is that there is an artistic atmosphere. DJ’s can play in the main area and the entire place just looks awesome. Different groups work on projects different nights of the week. – Link


Photo by jonasj

The Chaos Computer Club is also in Berlin, but I didn’t get a chance to visit them since they were working on breaking camp down. I did get a chance to learn a lot about the CCC and I’m working up an article about the history of CCC. – Link


Another hacker hangout to visit in Berlin is Esch. There are these awesome creature contraptions that appear to be hydraulic powered and coin operated! – Link

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