Best of Instructables book contest

Best of Instructables book contest

We at Maker Media are thrilled to announce that we’re going to be doing a Best of Instructables, Volume 1. As part of the book, we want to get the Instructables community involved in choosing some of their favorite projects. The book will include both projects chosen by Maker Media and Instructables staffs and those Instructables chosen by the author community itself. Instructables is running a contest to determine the latter. Every item on the site, all 14,000 projects, now has a vote button. The top 50 most-voted entries will be listed in the book and the authors will get a free copy when it’s published.

We’re also looking for build experiences and stories surrounding Instructables projects. If you built a project and have some thoughts about it (that you’ve yet to post to the project’s page) or an interesting story about an Instructable (it got you a date, got your arrested, helped you survive for days in the Australian outback, made you a hero in the eyes of your kids, etc.) please send them to me, gareth (, or you can also post them here in the Comments.

The Instructables Book Contest

4 thoughts on “Best of Instructables book contest

  1. Joe Rowley says:

    So I made an LED Jar (that one the LED Out! Contest) for a friend that was sick. I heard that she was very sick and it really moved me. I had never known anyone that young (we are both 14) that was that sick (she had problems with her liver resulting in a organ transfer). So I was thinking about what would brighten her day the night I found out and the next morning before school I made an LED Jar. The jar the glows and changes through different colors using a self cycling RGB LED. My mom gave it her and about 2 months later I saw her in school and she thanked me for it. She that she still kept and used at night as a cool reading light so I was happy. I am really thankful though that she maid it through surgery fine and is now living a happy fulfilling life.
    Here the URL to original instructable.

    Joe Rowley

  2. Jan Barker says:

    My kids have entered an instructable and I’d be thrilled to see their entry in print (although I’ll undoubtedly be buying the book in any case).

    I love the LED Jar!

    Our instructable is at

    It’s going to be really interesting to see how this all pans out!

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