BOOM: Maker Faire Orlando Is Back In 2021

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BOOM: Maker Faire Orlando Is Back In 2021


“Whatever you’re excited about, whatever interests you, there’s someone there that can help you take that initial spark of interest and turn it into a new hobby, a new thing to learn, or even potentially a new career,” sums up Ian Cole, Maker Faire Orlando‘s founder and (fearless) lead producer. This weekend makers take over the Central Florida Fairgrounds and Expo Halls to show & tell their projects, but also to regroup with their common interest communities and get inspired by the energy of creativity, collaboration, and invention that big Maker Faires provide. Check out our Saturday livestream of the event with Make: editor Caleb Kraft. In fact, the volunteer-run event is really a year round community of makers who not only create and tinker at the Maker FX Makerspace, but also get involved in many outreach and volunteer projects that serve the local community, particularly in partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of Central Florida. We profiled Ian and some of the many collaborative projects at the space HERE, but one that stands out as fully integrated into the magic of Maker Faire is the desk project, which built custom art desks (complete with supplies) for kids learning at home last year who didn’t have a place to do their schoolwork or get creative. 

The t-shirts created for Maker Faire Orlando by Tylted Art literally say everything about why #makersgonnamake and the amazing effort put in by the Orlando team. 

Featured Makers

From the amazing makers who bring you ReInvented Magazine, which aims to reinvent the general perception of women in STEM fields while inspiring interest in STEM for young women worldwide. Learn to use your first power tool form our amazing women engineers dressed as princesses, and find out why #brilliantisbeautiful! You’ll leave with a take-away souvenir constellation project you made yourself!

The team at MakerFX Makerspace took a standard bicycle, modified it, and mounted a giant, functional 80’s style boombox to the front. The BoomBike features a 900 watt sound system, and more than 16,000 LEDS! LEARN MORE about the project and make your own. 

Alison Chase - Building Cosplay

It’s easy to see why makeup artist Alison Chase has been profiled in many publications for her cosplay and bodypainting work. The diversity of her projects and skilled execution shows mastery not only over the “dress up” portion but also in the building of complex and sometimes VERY LARGE props. See more of her work HERE.

Classic arcade games upcycled! Barrel of Kong Arcades was started with the goal of bringing fan favorite arcade machines into both home and business settings. This started out as a hobby in my garage turning wine barrels into arcade machines and turned into a full grown business.

Cardboard can do anything it seems and Orlando-local artist Bindman makes it so! He creates vignettes using cardboard and canvas, making 3D pieces that pop off their bases. Common themes are carnivals, funhouses, robots, and various fan art. INSTAGRAM I FACEBOOK I ETSY

Maker Faire has become incomplete without at least one intergalactic character, let alone an army of them. While a growing number of people are experiencing a reawakening of their Star Wars fandom, new generations are seeking ways to celebrate their passion for George Lucas’s modern mythology. The 501st Legion brings these fans together, reinforcing the enduring longevity of the Star Wars saga. They are joined by an equally artful collective of Mandalorian recruits. 

Check out all 200+ amazing makers at Maker faire Orlando 2021 HERE

Get Your Hands Dirty At These Cool Workshops

This year’s Maker Faire Orlando has more workshops that ever before. Check out classics like Make-a-Shirt, Learn-to-Solder, Take-it-Apart and get busy with new sure to become classics like Drone Zone. Full schedule HERE

Have you wanted to fly a racing drone? Join Maker Faire Orlando and BetaFPV and learn to fly an FPV drone. Learn about drone avionics and how makers design, enhance and repair drones. LEARN MORE

Solder your own commemorative 2021 MakerFaire Orlando LED pin. Note: There is an additional charge for this activity. Part of the proceeds from this activity will benefit the FIRST Robotics club that is running the exhibit. LEARN MORE

Kinetic energy! Grind ice while running in a 8′ tall hamster wheel, uses a hand cranked conveyor system to position their cup along the multiple task locations, and applies their topping via showerheads. LEARN MORE.

Have you imagined seeing your favorite Battlebots from TV fighting live?The largest gathering of combat robots in the U.S. happens at Maker Faire Orlando (it even happened last year on Twitch). Need we say more? Make editor Caleb Kraft will be livestreaming all the amazing builds and noise so tune in on Make Facebook Saturday. Check out all the #battlebots teams HERE.

Powerwheels Racing Series

Power Racing is a fun-filled racing experience where makers construct their own machines to go racing.  Racers can spend up to $500 on a racer that looks like a children’s ride on toy! This is perfect for slightly crazy people with just enough engineering talent to be dangerous. You’ll take a Power Wheels vehicle (craigslist has the best deals…), and modify it with a big electric motor, then pilot it around the track for glory! The latest rules allow for fully custom vehicles, as long as they appear to have been designed for kids, or could have been a ride-on toy. Check out all the rules and regulations HERE

Congratulations to the whole Maker Faire Orlando team, the Producers-In-Residence from other Maker Faires around North America and all the many volunteers for curating and delivering such a great show. See you there!

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