Brussels Make Fest Round-Up

Brussels Make Fest Round-Up

The make fest was a hoot, a holler, and a half! European makers converged on the Hotel Le Plaza in Brussels and showed their stuff to a super positive audience.

It didn’t hurt that Zimki lubricated the event with drinks. I hearby nominate Belgian beer as the best beer ever! James and Katrien of Zimki helped me find a hardware store, set up my drawbot and performed some last minute programming kung fu.

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Paul Granjon brought some hand made electric instruments and his robot-vision glasses which effectively replicate the way robots see using transducers and other location techniques.

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Nadya Peek and Andy brought lots of stuff including plushies with embedded electronics and Mark Hoekstra brought his $75 laptop and a submersible webcam.

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Fabienne was rocking it with a bunch of hardware hacks.

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Johan Van den Brande makes teeny tiny robots and flying machines.

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Rene Grau brought the ultimate PC mod, the PC espresso machine!

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Ian Lesnet does really cool open source stuff including, and open source data collection devices and computer controlled LED lighting at

and some nixie tubes using my boost converter posted to

Here’s my flickr set of the event that desperately needs tagging with relevant info.

Edwin’s got more pics of makefest and a secret drawbot session.

Got more info on the makers or more photos? Drop notes in the comments please!

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