Casting call! Female inventors

Casting call! Female inventors

Milojo Productions (brainchild of Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos) is now casting women with fabulous ideas and great personalities from across America for a new series. The show, set to air on TLC, takes a selected female inventor through the journey of realizing their dream. It’s an opportunity to get your product developed, manufactured, marketed, and finally sold on The Home Shopping Network.

The show’s casting directors will be accepting submissions through GotCast until the last week of June.

Here’s what the video app needs to be:

30-Second Verbal Pitch – Briefly introduce yourself and your product with an intriguing couple of sentences that lets us know what your invention does without having to physically demonstrate it.

Component II: 2-minute Demonstration – Show us your product invention anyway you like, but it must include the demonstration of a working prototype, and it must be done in two minutes or less!

Component III: Bio – give us a little bit about you and perhaps the history of your invention! This is a chance to really let your personality shine through.

Who would you nominate? What would you like to see invented?

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  1. hurf durf says:

    You male inventors can f*k off. Up with equality!

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