CNC flies fron CDs

CNC flies fron CDs

I love these flies, CNC’d from trash CDs and DVDs. Sent to us by Jacek Tomasiak from Poland. The flies were posted on the Polish CNC Forums by one of their members. The attachment on the post is the DXF files, if you care to cut your own.


8 thoughts on “CNC flies fron CDs

  1. Sean Michael Ragan says:

    I had some AOL CDs laser cut by POLOLU like five years ago for an experiment. They had never cut any before and were as curious as I. The cutting went OK, but the edges were burned and the heat caused radiating cracks in the metal layer. Based on the photos I’m seeing here (since unfortunately I don’t read Polish) I would guess that these were not laser cut, or that the edges had been somehow cleaned up after the fact.

    Anybody else cut CDs with a laser?

  2. Gareth Branwyn says:

    >Anybody else cut CDs with a laser?

    Or speak Polish?

  3. Vrogy says:

    1mm? whew.

    I came across some of these patterns awhile ago on thingiverse: that user has a bunch of them :D

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