Cricut CEO Responds To Controversial Update

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Cricut CEO Responds To Controversial Update

Update 3/18: Cricut has made another statement, completely abandoning the limitations

Over the weekend, the maker community had many things to say about an update from Cricut that limited the number of jobs your machine could run if you weren’t a paying member of their online service. The community was very outspoken, expressing feelings that this was unfairly limiting machines that they owned, and that had not been advertised with such limitations.

Cricut has responded to our inquiry, sharing a statement from their CEO Ashish Arora. Here it is in its entirety.

Dear Cricut Members,  

One of our core values is community — we’re listening, and we took your feedback to heart. The foundation of our Cricut community is one of integrity, respect, and trust. It is clear that, in this instance, we did not understand the full impact of our recent decision on our current members and their machines. We apologize. 

Here’s how we’ll move forward. 

We will continue to allow an unlimited number of personal image and pattern uploads for members with a Cricut account registered and activated with a cutting machine before December 31, 2021. This benefit will continue for the lifetime of your use of these machines.  

Machine Resales or Transfers  

We welcome new members to the Cricut community whether they purchase a new or pre-owned machine. If a machine is resold or transferred to a new user, the new user must set up their own Cricut account. As long as the new user creates their account and connects the machine to their account before December 31, 2021, we will grant the benefit of an unlimited number of uploads to the new user for the lifetime of their use of the machine.   

Schools and Education Maker Spaces 

We understand that teachers, schools, and other education maker spaces have different needs for ongoing user account creation. While we don’t have anything to share right now — and nothing will change before December 31, 2021 — we are looking at ways to address these ongoing needs and their relation to image uploads.  


We will continue to explore affordable ways for our future users who register machines after December 31, 2021 to allow an unlimited number of personal image and pattern uploads. 

Of course, paid Cricut Access subscribers will continue to enjoy an unlimited number of uploads along with other subscriber benefits. We will also continue to invest in our content, software, and value for all our members. 

ashish arora (Cricut ceo) 

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