Eepy Bird Showers The Crowds With Diet Coke

Eepy Bird Showers The Crowds With Diet Coke

Do you know why we share videos of Eepy Bird doing their Diet Coke and Mentos show every chance we get? Because it is fun every single time you see it. There’s something inexplicably fun about the incomprehensible mess they’re making and how much fun everyone has watching it happen. They always have a massive crowd, as you can see in the video!

Sit back and enjoy Eepy Bird making a mess.

0 thoughts on “Eepy Bird Showers The Crowds With Diet Coke

  1. Antron Argaiv says:

    Nice. I made a tube/pull pin rig for my wife’s science class. It got stolen. No greater tribute :-)

    I wonder if the Diet Coke/Mentos craze has affected sales?


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