Enter The Multiverse At Maker Faire Prague 2022

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Enter The Multiverse At Maker Faire Prague 2022


Maker Faire Prague comes to life this weekend in the city’s historic Prague Market in Holešovice. This new location retains the link to the past even as the makers on display are looking toward the future. This edition of the event retains the amazing breadth of maker culture that has consistently been on display over the last 5 years. 

Over 140 maker projects from all over the Czech Republic and Europe will be presented at the Maker Faire in Prague, and you can look forward to a number of interesting robotics projects from Italy, Switzerland or even the traditionally numerous Croatian maker delegation! Read on for a selection of projects that you definitely shouldn’t miss at the event!


Fluidum steals the image of reality and disintegrates it into individual fragments with a puzzle of moving mirrors. Created originally to represent the Czech Republic at the World Expo in Dubai in 2021 and inspired by a prehistoric man seeing himself for the first time on the surface of the water, see the “pocket” version of Petr Vacek’s robotic sculpture at Maker Faire Prague.

AFS – automated 3D printing farm

Meet a new generation printing farm. Prusa Pro AFS (Automated Farm System) is equipped with 34 new Original Prusa CoreXY 3D printers, automatic harvesting and dispensing of finished products. Everything is controlled using a clear touch interface.

Algorithmic Perfumery (NL)

Tailor-made fragrances! The Dutch installation Algorithmic Perfumery is the world’s first artificial intelligence-driven fragrance creation platform that lets you explore the world of scents. You will create a set of your own personalized fragrances and have the entire production process in the palm of your hand!

Electric Tricycle From Instructables

Jan Koubský has been a maker since childhood. Together with his children, he has several projects to his credit, and he will present one of the globally successful ones to you. Steel frame tricycle, plywood body and 250W motor with 36V batteries. Mechanical steering, bicycle brake.

Six students built a can-sized satellite from an unnamed company. The satellite is launched by a rocket to a height of several hundred meters and during its fall sends various data to the ground station. The team reached the European round of the CanSat competition, which is conducted under the auspices of ESA. How does it withstand overload? What does it send? 

MyCello is a unique Czech custom-made cello project (thanks to 3D printing technology), which this year won the title of the 3rd most creative startup in the world. With its parameters, it removes some of the disadvantages of a classic wooden instrument and at the same time pushes the boundaries of already existing silent electric instruments in terms of compatibility, lightness, sound, personalization and price.

As part of the Ekovesnice zs and the School of Natural Architecture, offers instructions on self-sufficient living, including independent transport. A demonstration of a folding e-bike charged using freely available small solar panels placed directly on the bike.

Imagine living in a world where a simple and safe flying motorcycle is parked in your garage. Airwolf lifts you from the ground into the air. You float above the ground as you prepare for a thrilling ride. You turn the throttle and take off into the sky. The acceleration is so fast that you feel like you are in a science fiction movie. In just 3 seconds you fly across the terrain at a speed of 100 km/h.  After fully charged 20 minutes you fly home. When you are close to your home, you apply the brake and hover above the ground. You can use the GPS-guided autonomous landing, but you prefer the manual version because it feels more real and organic. So when driving the vehicle to the ground, you use the “down” stick and land safely. 

Team of 8 people working on the development of an eVTOL hoverbike. The goal is to create a flying motorcycle that provides an exciting flying experience while being as simple and easy as riding a motorcycle. The Airwolf uses electronic turbines instead of conventional large-diameter open propellers. Right now we are working on the third version of the 1:3 scale model, which will be a carbon fiber monocoque and will be the first to visually resemble true scale and the first of our 1:3 scale models to handle forward flight.

Check out the capabilities of a 3D printed underwater drone! You will be able to operate it yourself in a large pool – and we’ve prepared fun activities with prices!
We will be also presenting our entire creative process  and creating online courses teaching you the entire process! Printing all the parts, waterproofing the 3D prints with epoxy, assembling the electronics, motors, camera etc. 

Thirteen-year-old Šimon, as a big fan of the comic book superheroes Avengers, makes his own weapons and equipment for his favorites: Thor’s hammer Mjolnir, Thor’s ax Stormbreaker, Captain America’s shield, Ironman’s helmet, Spiderman’s mask, or Ronin’s katana. He makes all of these (and more) by cutting out/carving and gluing from cardboard/paper and eventually laminating.

I would like to offer children an educational game that will not only interest them and entertain them, but also reveal to them the beauty of mathematics, perhaps sometimes invisible at first glance. Mathematics is not only the field of selected individuals, but everyone can easily master it, for example in elementary school. The game can also be the key to this. For example, a game called “Navigation Portal” may be the first comprehensive educational game of its kind, which has the ambition to support children in their enthusiasm for further exploration of mathematics and other fields.

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