Extreme Fashion and Dancing Robots at Maker Faire Shenzen

Extreme Fashion and Dancing Robots at Maker Faire Shenzen


Maker Faire Shenzhen concluded on April 7, making Shenzhen the seventh city in the world to host a Featured Maker Faire. This two-day event had 121 maker teams showcase their projects; 10 workshops with more than 200 participants; and four sessions of the forum with over 2000 attendees. The event attracted 30,000 visitors in spite of heavy rain.

We’d like to express our heartfelt gratitude to MAKE for the generous support and guidance, which made a Featured Maker Faire accessible here in Shenzhen. Thanks to the generous support from our sponsors, creative makers, enthusiastic speakers, performers, volunteers, and visitors for making Maker Faire Shenzhen a great success this year.

The event this year included five parts: exhibit faire, workshop, forum, center stage, and maker party. Makers from China and abroad brought cool projects to wow the visitors.

More pictures of Maker Faire Shenzhen can be found here. In the venue of the forum “Innovate with China,” the inspiring speeches and panels given by prestigious makers got tons of applause from the audiences. We’ll release the videos of the forum soon. Stay tuned!