The First South Pole Mini Maker Faire

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The First South Pole Mini Maker Faire



Glorious summer weather graced the first annual South Pole Mini Maker Faire (about a 12 hours’ flight south of New Zealand) and attendees were excited to see several exhibitions including an ice sculpting 3d printer, sub-zero crocheting corner, and C-130 Refueling hacks.

Maker Faire Program Director Sabrina Merlo stated that the event was “Overwhelming positive yet brisk” with “dozens of attendees” despite a warm and sunny -70 degree day.

“Maker Faire is proud to cross this final continent off its list, and it was totally worth the excruciating shipping costs to send Life-Sized Mousetrap to the ceremonial Southern Pole.”

The nearly three dozen attendees were shocked not just to see Life-Sized Mousetrap, but the fact that a frozen bowling ball can actually shatter hardened steel.

Additional photos will be uploaded when the satellite link to the base has returned to its ideal 56k speeds.

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