Gift Guide: For The Geeks

Here are some fun ways to get your geek on for your favorite geeks on your gift list this holiday season.
Lego, Doctor Who, tiny diorama with Daleks and Tardis
From Etsy user, tinyminds, this crosses over the Lego geek and Doctor Who geek for extra geekery goodness.
Pac Man ukulele (paculele)
Musical gamer types will love this rad Pac Man ukulele from Etsy user, celentanowoodworks. Perhaps they could learn to play the Pac Man theme song on it?
Stitchable iPhone Case from The Maker Shed
Let your friends customize their iPhones with stitchery! And for the Doctor Who fans, add Haley’s TARDIS phone cross-stitch pattern. If you prefer good ole hand embroidery to cross-stitching, check out this embroidery-friendly phone case that Jenny Hart tipped us off to.
Solar System Necklace Kit
My husband gave me one of Laura Cesari’s solar system necklaces a while ago, and I love it so much. It’s gorgeous and weighty, and I love being able to wear the solar system around my neck. You can make your own solar system necklace with Laura’s kit from the Maker Shed.

Nyan Cat hat
Your favorite Pop Tart cat is now a cute and cozy hat!
Star Wars Admiral Ackbar Sock Monkey Stuffed Toy Knitting Pattern PDF
Knit up a cuddly Admiral Ackbar for your biggest Star Wars fan. Ten bucks says you can’t complete the project without saying, “It’s a trap!” at least 25 times. Thanks, Jenny!
LED Sewing Kit from Sternlab in the Maker Shed

Bring light to your sewing and embroidery projects with this cool LED sewing kit from the Maker Shed.
Bent Objects: Objects of My Affection by Terry Border
We’ve featured Terry’s work here many times, and are big fans. His latest book features Bent Objects of the loving sort, so it’d be a great gift for your significant other geek.
Bonnie Burton’s Star Wars Crafts Book
One of our geekiest crafty pals, Bonnie Burton, wrote the awesome Star Wars Crafts book that is chock full of geeky crafts to make on your own or with your kids. Projects include Jabba the Hutt body pillow, Chewbacca puppets and more.
The Cult of Lego by John Baichtal and Joe Meno
Any Lego fan will appreciate this richly detailed book on the history and pop culture of Lego. Even though the book is geared toward the adult fans of Lego, my 7-year-old son devoured the book when it arrived and hasn’t let me get my hands on it since. It’s beautifully made and is the kind of book you keep picking up and learning new things every time you look through it.
World of Geekcraft by Susan Beal
I’m not including this book just because I have a project in it, I promise. This is hands-down one of my all-time favorite craft books, and will give all your favorite geeks endless inspiration for making geeky projects.

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