Happy 4th! (One word says a lot)

Happy 4th! (One word says a lot)

Happy Independence Day to all of our American makers! In case you didn’t see this piece on Boing Boing, I thought I would post it here. I think it, and one of the first comments it received, speak volumes about this amazing experiment we call the United States of America.


Hyperspectral images of a draft of the Declaration of Independence reveal that it originally used the word ‘subjects’ instead of ‘citizens’ at a critical juncture. After writing “our fellow subjects,” author Thomas Jefferson scrubbed it out and replaced it with the familiar alternative.

And the second comment on Rob Beschizza’s post:


This is fascinating and telling on how the shift of one word can mean so much.

A lot gets written about you guys (USAers) and some of it may be accurate. But I do have to say as someone from across the border, the ideal is pretty impressive and admirable.

Happy 4th.

Indeed. Happy 4th of July, CITIZENS!

Draft of Declaration of Independence named subjects, not citizens

4 thoughts on “Happy 4th! (One word says a lot)

  1. dj_nme says:

    If think for just a minute, you would realise that the American colonials were subjects of The Crown (King George III) until after the revolution, when they became citizens.
    It makes perfect sense that the first draft might say “subjects” rather than “citizens”.

    1. Ray says:

      It’s a declaration of independence FROM the king. Still calling themselves subjects of said king would remove all meaning and intent from the document.

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