HOW TO – Rolling Peg Board Tool Cart

HOW TO – Rolling Peg Board Tool Cart


Here’s a neat instructable by user sensoryhouse on building a rolling peg board tool cart instead of buying an expensive tool chest. This way all your tools are visible, and you can still roll them out of the way when need be. He uses scrap metal to weld together the frame that holds the peg board. He welds the casters right onto the bottom of the frame, but I’d recommend welding an attachment plate and affixing them with fasteners in case one goes bad. As this is a beginning welding tutorial as well, don’t forget to wear proper safety gear (including long sleeves and a high collar to prevent a sunburn)!

4 thoughts on “HOW TO – Rolling Peg Board Tool Cart

  1. Odor says:

    This is great in the garage but on the work site where you need to move around, it is no replacement for a mobile toolbox.

  2. wonder-wheeler says:

    Beware of rolling it out on your driveway on a windy day or if your driveway has a lot of slope!

    It could get nasty if you had to sort and put several dozen tools and a few hundred fasteners away after they all went into the gutter or into the grass…

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