How-To: Flowery Felt Ponytail Holder

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How-To: Flowery Felt Ponytail Holder
By Diane Gilleland

Two simple strips of felt transform into this sparkly flower hair accessory. You can use similar colors of felt for a subtler look, or two contrasting colors for something wild.


2 sheets of wool or acrylic felt
Downloadable template (PDF)
Straight pins
Double-ended floral stamens
available in the wedding section of craft stores or online
Tacky glue
Thick elastic ponytail holder
Hand-sewing needle and thread


Felt Flwr Ponytail Hldr 01
Step 1: Print out the template and cut out both pieces. Pin one to each color of felt and cut around all 4 sides.
Felt Flwr Ponytail Hldr 02
Step 2: Carefully cut slits along one side of each piece, following the template. Don’t cut all the way across the strip!
Felt Flwr Ponytail Hldr 03
Step 3: Have some tacky glue and some stamens nearby. Place the 2 felt strips together, matching up the 2 smaller ends. Make sure the sides with the slits match.
Felt Flwr Ponytail Hldr 04
Step 4: We’re going to roll these 2 strips up together to form a flower. Begin by folding the small end over a little.
Felt Flwr Ponytail Hldr 05
Step 5: Next, place a little glue along the edge of the strip. Roll the felt over the glue.
Felt Flwr Ponytail Hldr 06
Step 6: Repeat those steps, adding a little glue and then rolling the strips over the glue, until you’ve rolled the entire strip. Be careful to keep the bottom edges of the strips lined up as you roll.
Felt Flwr Ponytail Hldr 07
Step 7: When you’ve rolled all the way to the end, glue the 2 ends of the strips down separately.
Felt Flwr Ponytail Hldr 08
Step 8: Place a pin in the end of each strip to hold it in place while the glue dries. Let sit for about 15 minutes.
Felt Flwr Ponytail Hldr 09
Step 9: Turn the flower over and spread out the petals. Then take a stamen and fold it in half. Put a little glue on the folded end, and then tuck it into the middle of the flower, slipping it between petals. Add as many stamens as you like.
Felt Flwr Ponytail Hldr 10
Step 10: You might also want to trim the outer petals of your flower here and there so it has a more pleasing shape.
Felt Flwr Ponytail Hldr 11
Step 11: Turn the flower back over. Lightly glue an elastic ponytail holder to the back, as shown. You don’t need much glue here — all you’re doing is tacking the elastic down.
Felt Flwr Ponytail Hldr 12
Step 12: Next, cut a circle of felt that’s the same size as the bottom of the flower. Glue it lightly to the flower, as shown.
Felt Flwr Ponytail Hldr 13
Step 13: Place some pins into the bottom of the flower as shown, to hold everything in place while the glue dries. Let this sit for about 15 minutes.
Felt Flwr Ponytail Hldr 14
Step 14: For extra strength, we’ll sew the felt circle to the bottom of the flower with a whipstitch. Thread a needle with about 18″ of thread and tie a knot in one end. Begin sewing by passing the needle through the top layer of the felt only. This way, you can hide the knot between the layers.
Felt Flwr Ponytail Hldr 15
Step 15: Next, pass the needle through both layers. Repeat this stitch to sew your way around the flower.
Felt Flwr Ponytail Hldr 16
Step 16: When you reach the elastic, just pass your needle under it, as shown, and keep sewing.
Felt Flwr Ponytail Hldr 17
Step 17: When you’ve sewn all the way around the flower, knot the thread by making a little loop and passing your needle through it twice. Pull the thread tight and cut it. Now your ponytail holder is ready to wear!
About the Author:
Diane Gilleland produces CraftyPod, a blog and bi-weekly podcast about making stuff. Her first book, Kanzashi In Bloom is currently out in bookstores.

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