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How-To: Make an Apple Vase

CRAFT: Back to School
I’ve always been a teacher’s pet. When I was in school, I loved bringing small gifts to class for my teachers. An apple is the classic gift, but this twist is sure to be sweet and unexpected. I used flowers that were growing in my yard, with one large ivy leaf in each bouquet. Ivy represents wisdom, making it the perfect greenery for any teacher.



Large apples
Sharp knife
Melon baller, cherry pitter, or some sharp tool for scraping out the flesh of the apple

Step 1: Cut into the top of the apple with the knife. Use the knife to cut all the way around the stem in a circle. Then cut through that circle and twist the knife to help break up the top of the apple.
Step 2: Remove the apple core with the scraping tool. I’m fairly sure that there are tools that will remove the core of an apple quite easily, but I used a hook-shaped tool that I found in the kitchen drawer. This part is easy, but the only trick is not scraping out too much of the flesh. You don’t want to puncture your “vase.” And, if you scrape too close to the very bottom of the apple, it can leak.
Step 3: Add water to the apple vase, and then flowers. The stems of the flowers will have to be cut quite short to fit inside without slipping out.

4 thoughts on “How-To: Make an Apple Vase

  1. TheCluelessCrafter says:

    My birthday always marks the beginning of the school year and this year I’m hosting the celebration. I am definitely going to use these simple, inexpensive ceterpieces on the cocktail rounds for this weekend’s bash. Perfect timing!

  2. Out2lunch says:

    What an adorable project! I can’t wait to have an excuse to give this to someone ;)
    I think I’ll try stuffing the apple with florist’s foam to reduce the chance of spilling and/or leaking, also I bet a melon baller would be great for scraping out the apple.

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