How-To: Oily Fireworks in a Jar

How-To: Oily Fireworks in a Jar

The latest issue of The Action Pack from Whip Up is a Mad Scientist edition, filled with cool experiments and fun things to make, including this sample project: oily fireworks in a jar.

In this issue there are more than 14 fun, curious, tasty and artistic scientific experiments:

  • You will learn about microwave expansion
  • and the science of bubbles and yeast,
  • you’ll experiment with crystals
  • and make some cool potions too

Get the sample project and more information on the kids’ magazine from Whip Up over on the Action Pack web site. [via @TheLongThread]

2 thoughts on “How-To: Oily Fireworks in a Jar

  1. alanc230 says:

    This is a riot. I wish I’d known about this project when my kids were little. Guess I’ll have to wait until there are grandkids. If ever.

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