Introducing the Fiat 500 Bulldozer

Introducing the Fiat 500 Bulldozer


Ironsmith Kogoro Kurata took the body of a Fiat 500 and put it on an old set of Cat tracks. Tortoise-timed trips to the store, and hilarity, ensued.

Monkey Farm [via Pink Tentacle]

4 thoughts on “Introducing the Fiat 500 Bulldozer

  1. Volkemon says:

    Well, at the risk of getting “so lets see your rebodied bulldozer pics”..

    Not a very practical rebody- hard to see the working area of the blade. Something like a VW bus, or other “hoodless” vehicle would have made it much easier to work with- even in the vid (1:19) you can see the operator way out the window trying to see what the blade is doing.

    But still, something different! NICE paint on it too….

  2. Gareth Branwyn says:

    >Well, at the risk of getting “so lets see your
    >rebodied bulldozer pics”..

    That made me LOL, Volkemon. Cute.

    Yeah, the build is kind of goofy all-around — nothing really practical or I bet tremendously useful about. It’s more blog fish food than anything else (and I decided to take the bait ’cause the lunacy of it made me chuckle).

  3. BaneJohn ONeil says:

    Wow… quite cool.. :) Fiat 500 price

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