It’s Always Ada Lovelace Day at O’Reilly (and at MAKE)

It’s Always Ada Lovelace Day at O’Reilly (and at MAKE)

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I love Tim O’Reilly’s Radar piece today, “It’s Always Ada Lovelace Day at O’Reilly:”

I had a hard time choosing just one of the many marvelous women in tech that I might write about for Ada Lovelace Day, because, frankly, I’m surrounded by those women! Where so many think of the tech world as male-dominated, women have always played a major role at O’Reilly. A large part of our management team has always consisted of women, and women are the creators of some of our best known products and brands. I want to acknowledge their contributions, highlighting the fact that they have been so central to the success of my company. I also want to emphasize that there are many ways to contribute to a tech community, and that being a coder is not the only way to have an impact on the world of computing.

He goes on to give an appreciation of many of the amazing women who work at O’Reilly proper. Last night, I thought of writing a similar piece about the women I have the pleasure of working with here at Maker Media. I tell friends all the time that I can’t get over how talented, smart, personable, and hard-working the people are whom I have the pleasure of working with. I learn so much from each and every one of them.

So, here’s to you Shawn, Sherry, Arwen, Goli, Natalie, Sam, Becky, Katie D, Katie W, Ali, Tatia, Heather, Laura, Sheena, Louise, Valerie, Kris, Meara, Fran, and anyone I’m carelessly forgetting… This is an inspired job and that’s in no small measure to all of you.

Happy Lady Ada Day.

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