It’s Back-to-School Week on MAKE

All around the country, people are heading back to school. My wife, who teaches 5th grade is already back, and will be seeing her new class this week, and my teenage sons will be hitting the books again early next week. Getting back to education is in the air, and here at MAKE where we love learning new things, we’re looking forward to stuffing our new Trapper-Keepers with stacks of projects and skills we’re going to explore.

Which is why we’re celebrating Back-to-School week here at MAKE. All this week, we’ll be featuring education-related stories to get makers of all ages ready to learn. From showing off the people who are bringing the maker spirit into public schools with kits and specialized curricula, to pointing out all the new classes being featured at local makerspaces, we’re going to do everything we can this week to get you excited about learning how to make.

And to that end, if you know of an awesome maker-related education initiative going on in your area, please let us know in the comments, and we’ll make sure to give it a shout-out this week.

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Ken is the Grand Nagus of He's a husband and father from the SF Bay Area, and has written three books filled with projects for geeky parents and kids to share.

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