Join In The Fun At Maker Faire Tokyo 2021

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Join In The Fun At Maker Faire Tokyo 2021

Enjoy and participate in Maker Faire Tokyo 2021 from anywhere around the world! Access the livestream all weekend:


Follow Twitter @ #MFTokyo2021 and #作品発表 . These will all be retweeted by the Make: Japan team @MakeJapan. You can share your own projects in the timed categories listed below on Sunday, October 3rd.

Maker Faire Tokyo is always a treasure trove of inventive, quirky, and ingeniously constructed projects and 2021 is no different. This year, as in 2020, Maker Faire Tokyo will be an online only extravaganza on Saturday, October 2nd and Sunday, October 3rd due to Covid-19 safety measures and returns to its home at Tokyo Big Sight in 2022.

If the event has a theme, it is captured by the question explored in Shigeru Kobayashi’s discussion with Takuya Ichise (10/3 @ 14: 10-14:40 JST) of whether Maker Faire can exist beyond the physical space and what the possibilities of a hybrid “makerspace” are. This builds on his work last year as many events (including Maker Faire Tokyo, Kyoto and Ogaki) went online. (See our conversation with him last October on Plan C Live, at Maker Faire Kyoto 2020, and his presentation at Virtually Maker Faire.)

The two-day program explores a wide variety of topics and brings back its unique Twitter “exhibition” activation alongside the livestream on YouTube. For this, Makers who want to join use hashtags #MFTokyo2021 and #作品発表. (作品発表 means “exhibit of works” and this hashtag is used to differentiate exhibition projects from general tweets.) A time slot is set for each exhibition category to spread out the total number tweets and allow participants to experience the variety of projects. 

The categories and schedule are as follows:

On Saturday, October 2nd, Makers who were selected as an exhibitor for the Maker Faire Tokyo on-site exhibition can post their work.  If makers want to introduce their work on a service other than Twitter (YouTube, SlideShare, etc.), they can upload the work to any service and then include the URL in the tweet.

  • 14:30-15:00 – Kids & Education, Science, Food
  • 15:00-15:30 – Design, Craft, Art, Digital Fabrication
  • 15:30-16:00 – Mobility, Robotics
  • 16:00-16:30 – Electronics

On Sunday, October 3rd any community member can participate by tweeting their work.

  • 12:30-13:00 – Kids & Education, Science, Food
  • 13:00-13:30 – Design, Craft, Art, Digital Fabrication
  • 13:30-14:00 – Mobility, Robotics
  • 14:00-14:30 – Electronics

Complementing this is a series of live presentations throughout the day. 

Access the livestream of the event on Saturday and Sunday at:


Here’s a few highlights selected by the Maker Faire Tokyo team.

Five Dangerous Ideas for Surviving the Pandemic with Gever Tully

10/2 @ 13:00-13:30 (JST)

In the midst of the pandemic caused by COVID-19, many children are restricted from activities they used to take for granted, and are taking classes and communicating with others online. The author of “50 Dangerous Things (You Should Let Your Children Do)” introduces some of the best projects that can be experienced in such a situation and provide hints on how to survive the pandemic.

Create Together With More Than Human – Dominique Chen

10/2 @ 13:30-14:00 (JST)

Fermented food production is a joint effort between humans and microorganisms. In the process of preparing the environment and fermenting the microorganisms, the microorganisms do far more than humans do. The “Nukabot” is being researched and developed so that people can better perceive the presence of lactic acid bacteria, yeast, and other bacteria living in the bed, and care for them with affection. Let’s think together about how MAKE should be in order to coexist with the more-than-human world, which is much wider than we can perceive.

Dr. Ishikaeru’s Nazo Bento – Molecular Cooking in Japanese Cuisine 

10/3 @ 12:00-12:20 (JST)

It’s fun to eat lunch in nature. It seems that Dr. ISHIKAERU is going on a picnic with an unusual lunch box. This time, he will make a “Nazo (riddle) bento” using the cooking method described in the cookbook Molecular Cooking in Japanese Cuisine. How will using molecular cooking methods change the usual bento? How would you like to change your favorite side dish or rice ball?

Let’s Make A Miniature ON AIR Lamp with OTOME DENGEIBU 
10/3 @ 13:00-13:20 (JST)

Let’s go online and make things at home with the makers! The theme is to make a “miniature ON AIR lamp”. The theme is to make a miniature ON AIR lamp, which can be used for remote working and remote learning in your home. Please purchase a kit at the Otome Dengei Club’s kit sales shop and watch the YouTube video beforehand. It’s a rare opportunity to see famous makers at work!

DIY MUSIC For Kids “Make Some Noise” Workshop
10/3 @ 13:30-14:10 (JST)

In the past, Maker Faire Tokyo has held a stage event titled “DIY MUSIC” where participants play instruments that they made themselves. This year, as an event for children, we will hold an online workshop where everyone can make sounds (instruments) and have a session together. We will make instruments from the recipes of noises and electronic sounds that we publish from everyday objects, and play them according to our own ears. We aim to create an experience that makes you feel that this is “music”!

Meet The Makers

Maker Faire Tokyo has more to explore…and, as virtual event, is available to everyone. MEET THE MAKERS and explore their TWITTER FEED on Saturday, October 2nd. These fun and inventive projects will get you started.

DIY device that can sense muscle movements. omicro is a robot ball that moves according to the movement of the hand. Using AR technology, we visualize the sensor information flying between the ball and the device. 

Let’s get a message only for you from the robot god “Bezery”! When you put your hand in Bezelie’s mouth, the production LED lights up. The robot god calculates the fortune based on the surface temperature of the hand measured by the non-contact thermo sensor and the shape of the finger recognized by the camera!

DIY Powered suit by Nii @iroiromake using a home 3D printer with “simple partially active exoskeleton specialized for bending and stretching movement,” and “high power weight ratio force amplification system by fluid machine.”

As a countermeasure against coronavirus infection, the number of face-to-face receipts of packages has decreased. An arm-shaped robot that receives luggage on your behalf and protects it from theft by LAMNE Project.

And, the event wouldn’t be complete without Rex!

Check out some of last year’s online program on Make: Japan YouTube. And get in the spirit by creating your own Papercraft Makey designed by the  awesome Make: Japan team at O’Reilly Media. 

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