MAKE Staff Nerds Out Over Upcoming 3D “School’s Out” Special Issue

MAKE Staff Nerds Out Over Upcoming 3D “School’s Out” Special Issue

Click on the image to see us in jumbo, non-3D.

Today was an exciting day at the MAKE offices as we cracked open the first case of “School’s Out,” our next special issue. This issue is very special as it’s devoted to kids and making and it’s in swinging, leaping, page-busting 3D! The thrills! The spills! The over 50 family- and kid-friendly projects!

Look for Make: School’s Out! at Maker Faire Bay Area (May 19-20), and on newsstands and in the Maker Shed after that. It’s a really cool issue which was great fun to put together and we hope it shows.

28 thoughts on “MAKE Staff Nerds Out Over Upcoming 3D “School’s Out” Special Issue

  1. Angus Baconhead Hines III says:

    Gareth the glasses looking awesome 111 and looking forward to seeing everyone in a couple weeks !!!

  2. Rob says:

    this is me, adding a reminder to my calendar to order a copy on 5-21 :)

  3. Ross Hershberger says:


  4. Joey Hudy says:

    So excited to see it!

  5. Sean Ragan says:

    With ya’ll in spirit!

    Also, Gareth, I’m with Angus: That picture is my new mental thumbnail for you.

    1. gbenary says:

      They do look bizarrely good on him, do they not?

      1. Gareth Branwyn says:

        What do you mean *bizarrely* good? :-) Actually I think that everybody else just looks as goofy as I do. Who knew that 3D glasses level one playing field while they dimensionalize another?

      2. Sean Ragan says:

        Seriously, dude. I look at this photo, I hear power chords:

  6. Stefan Edward Jones (@StefanEJones) says:

    Hey, Gareth, is it possible to get a quantity discount on a dozen issues? I’d like to send a bunch to friends with kids.

  7. Kellen says:

    Will this by any chance be free for those of us with a subscription?

  8. Foster says:

    Staff nerds. Where do I sign up?

  9. Will Bain says:

    Kellen asked whether this would be included with a subscription. What’s the scoop?

    1. Gareth Branwyn says:

      This is one of our special issue publications. They’re stand-alone pubs, different format, geared towards newsstands and single issue sales. They are not part of the regular 4/issue digest-format MAKE subscription.

  10. Lawrence McCartin says:

    Are these all new kid projects or are they a compilation from previous Makes? Considering I have every issue, just wondering if there is much new material?

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