Maker Faire Philly Busts Myths And More This Weekend

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Maker Faire Philly Busts Myths And More This Weekend


This Saturday at the Independence Seaport Museum, Maker Faire Philly gathers makers, inventors, and creators get busy busting myths and more. The Independence Seaport Museum, a museum dedicated to discovering and preserving Philadelphia’s maritime history, sponsors and host the event along the Philadelphia waterfront.  This amazing location even include the world’s oldest floating steel warship, the Cruiser Olympia, and the World War II-era Submarine Becuna. We checked in with the producers of Maker Faire Philly and they shared with us ten reasons to step out and get your make on this Saturday.

10. It’s fun for all ages!

After a several year hiatus, the Greatest Show & Tell on Earth bring makers out of the woodwork to create, inspire and entertain!

9. Art!

A couple artists include Tommy Mintz, who creates interactive algorithmic time lapse generation of viewers and Yemisi Ajayi, an innovative textile artist working within the realm of traditional Yoruba cloth, motifs, and dying.

8. Crafts!

Come by and meet the folks at Tuft the World learn how to tuft a rug and check out Lynette Rodriguez of Light Bird Crafts who makes hand crafted ceramics inspired by nature.

7. The Museum!

Your Philly Maker Faire ticket also allows you to wander beyond the makers to experience the wonders of the Independence Seaport Museum including the Seaport Boat Shop and the powerful Tides of Freedom exhibit which explores the concept of freedom through the lens of the African experience. 

6. Technology!

Check out the First Desktop 3D Hologram Printer by LitiHolo, the South Jersey Combot Robotics, and the Princeton Soccer Robotics team.

5. Make stuff!

Make a light up bracelet to bring home with the Please Touch Museum then head to Blacksmith sponsor Cupola Academy to build a paper circuit.

4. Green Makers!

Epoch Boats is a hardware startup that designs and manufactures hydrofoil electric boats and Baleena is dedicated to reducing microplastic emissions, driving environmental education, and reducing humanity’s collective plastic footprint.

3. Makers!

The best part about coming to the Maker Faire is you get to meet the makers who are just waiting to share what they make with you!

2. Participate in and celebrate human creativity!

Experiences spark the imagination — and can change your life – come and be inspired.

1. Meet MythBuster, Jr., Elijah Horland!

Drop by for maker-mischief fun, MythBuster’s style with MythBuster Jr., Elijah Horland to levitate matter with sound and play with the worst video game controllers ever designed.

More Makers!

You can build your own electronic musical instruments with David Levi’s MicroKits! Build your own Theremin, or connect everyday objects to our synthesizer to build your own keyboard. They have a banana keyboard out that you can play! @buildmicrokits. Get yours from the Maker Shed!

Deanna McLaughlin is a visual artist and designer who makes unique artwork and custom creations. Deanna worked for several years as an art therapist in state mental hospitals and for over two decades as a public school art educator. She was one of five Americans to participate in the First Artist Exchange with the Union of Artists at St. Petersburg, Russia. READ MORE.

Back when the first series of Star Wars movies were coming out, I would make ships and displays for them out of whatever was around. Somewhere I have pictures of all this stuff, including an old console TV cabinet that had a Jabba the Hutt throne room on top and a Rancor pit in the bottom – complete with trap door.Later when I got into Dungeons & Dragons, I would make castles and pirate ships out of boxes and cardboard that my dad would bring home from the factory where he worked. At one point I was also creating my own games too.My dad was a big influence on making, since he was usually experimenting with electronics and ham radio. So sometimes we’d make things together or he’d help me with ideas (like drilling out the trap door for that Rancor pit). There was always an endless supply of boxes. READ MORE

Taking old Erector parts and creating new art work like clocks , creatures, like bees and humming birds and flowers, jewelry and flying ships. I am a metalsmith by trade and jewelry artist. I have been making art for over 40 years I went to the university of the Arts school in Philadelphia.


The Legacy Experience created by Steve The Legacy will show the various creations that he has innovated such as his board games Dictionary Daddy, Support Black Inventors, 2N1 Card Game and his latest children’s book “The Little Inventor That Could”.

Focused on using hardware to improve climate. Currently founder and CEO of Epoch boats, a hardware startup that designs and manufactures hydrofoil electric boats. Previously spent 15 years designing and commercializing electro-mechanical products (medical devices, currency validators, OEM electronics) for larger companies.

Cyboard is a bespoke tailor, but for your digits! We make custom ergonomic keyboards according to the hand measurements and preferences of each customer. 

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