Maker Spotlight: Andrew Moy

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Maker Spotlight: Andrew Moy

Name: Andrew Moy
Home: Long Beach, California
Makerspace: Riip Beer Company
Day Job: Head Brewer at Riip Beer Company

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Beer Brewing

“My brewing style is definitely SoCal influenced, with many hop-forward beers, but not focusing on the bitterness of hops but the floral, fruity characteristics they can provide,” says Andrew Moy of his brewing style. He makes a wide variety of beers at Riip Beer Company where he works as head brewer including stouts, pale ales, IPAs, blondes, saisons, and Belgians. Because he gets to brew beer as his job he doesn’t brew at home as much as he used to, and when he does, it’s usually something that he couldn’t brew at work. “Last time, I brewed a mead with locally collected honey.” Andrew brews beer because “I love making beer because I feel something instinctual and primitive about it. Like its a craft that has been around since the Egyptians, and we’re still doing and perfecting it and making better beer everyday. It’s something I love doing and being apart of.”


A typical day for Lisa includes: getting up to see the sunrise, bicycling, interning at Make:, reading and writing short stories, and listening to audiobooks and podcasts for hours while working on projects or chores.

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