Maker Spotlight: Puppet Master Adam Kreutinger

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Maker Spotlight: Puppet Master Adam Kreutinger

Love puppets? So does New York maker Adam Kreutinger. Adam will be showing off his skills and showing you how to make puppets at the upcoming Empire State Maker Faire — a virtual event hosted by seven New York State Maker Faires on October 16th & 17th. Apply now to show your work!

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Adam Kreutinger

Where are you located? 
Buffalo, NY

What is your day job?
Elementary School Art Teacher

Do you attend a makerspace/fablab/hackerspace?

What kinds of stuff do you make?
Television style puppets.

YouTube channel.

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How did you get started making stuff?
I started making as a kid.

What is something that you’ve made that you’re really proud of? 
My wife’s wedding dress.

What is next on your project list? 
Mechanism puppets for Youtube tutorials. Check out Adam’s amazing session on puppet making from Virtually Maker Faire in May 2020!

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What is something you’d like to work with but you haven’t yet? 
A mill and lathe. Machining plastic.

Any advice for people reading this? 
You can get a good feel for my work here.  Also, a quick overview of my maker theories and the future of puppetry can be seen here.

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Check out all of Adam’s past work and see what he’s got planned at

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