Makers as Wanderers

Makers as Wanderers



Somewhere at the interstice of the game Homeworld, Babylon 5’s O’Neill cylinder, the Philae Lander, and 3D-printing in space (the latter two being actual recent events!) is this beautiful short film by Erik Wernquist. Featuring “words and voice” by Carl Sagan, Wanderers is an imagined future “of actual places in the Solar System, built from real photos and map data where available.” In short, it’s captivating. And it excites me to imagine all the futuretech and maker ingenuity that will be needed to build this reality, from monorail systems to new space suits, from dirigibles to wing-gliders, and more.

Amidst today’s Cyber Monday madness, please take time out to watch this. I already have, twice.

Images from the Wanderers – Still Image Gallery on imgur.

0 thoughts on “Makers as Wanderers

  1. James F Brazant says:

    After watching the film, a clarification and a few points are in order. First, ONE, the Biblical God of creation always existed and always will. Secondly, The unbridled accumulation of possessions never brought fulfillment to the life of any individual (if an honest answer can be obtained from such types). Unlike, the proponents of such lifestyles, God does provide for the needs of His chosen and by so doing keeps His promises, unlike all others who remain self-centered regardless of their attempts to portray other traits “for the cameras”. When we make the “successes” this society offers us, (typically at a very high price), our main object in life, we tend to lose any real purpose in our lives as “principles of guidance” have to be sacrificed along the way, thus rendering the cause meaningless because such achievements are attained more often than not by very questionable methods. In the end, my point is that God does have the answers for His chosen that sadly many others choose to separate from because His ways teaches us to live selfless lives by dong what’s right when its not popular to do so, which is contrary to anything that our society offers.

    1. nick normal says:

      Me thinks you missed the point, James. Also per your use of the word “always” (2nd sentence) this is a world and a solar system and a universe of many faiths; I respect them all, not just yours. Also per your use of the word “never” (3rd sentence) here you speak on behalf of others, and that’s not cool; people have their own opinions of fulfillment and meaning, and “the life of any individual” of which they are one. Let them speak for themselves, and do not speak in absolutes please.

      1. James F Brazant says:

        The clarification has been missed by you with regards the point made. All stated is fact that has nothing to do with “faiths”, a word that was never once used by me. In addition, taking selected words out of context, is very commonly used when attempting to ridicule, as the words “always” and “never” are used regarding facts about ONE, which is undisputed, namely that He always existed and never is used another fact, namely that accumulating possessions will not lead to a meaningful life, which again is also a fact and I spoke on behalf of no individual. You have the right to disagree with the facts but not by altering the context or attempting to convey something that was not intended. Therefore, please refrain from taking selected words out of context and attempting explain them by generalizing, and/or stating what was NOT carried out. This reduces what is being attempted to conjecture completely and does not accurately reflect what was conveyed originally

        1. nick normal says:

          James, you use lots of words that this blog post has nothing to do with. Your comments have nothing to do with “facts” because they can’t be independently verified and can be subjectively repudiated. Take care.

          1. James F Brazant says:

            As I said previously, you are free to disagree with the points made and you did that with your opinions. Secondly, you a self-identified “biblioholic” should be aware of the various Biblioholic-related terms (or facts) used.

          2. nicknormal says:

            Uh huh.

    2. Brandon K says:

      Hi James,

      With all due respect to your beliefs, as everyone is entitled to their own, I think you may have missed the point of the video.

      It is an expression, just as is a book, a movie, or a piece of artwork. The person here is trying to convey the ever-present curiosity of human beings, and the dreams of exploration beyond what we have been made to believe as finite, or rather, indoctrinated into believing so.

      I can’t say for you, or for anybody else, but in my own personal experience of watching the video (multiple times, mind you), I was, and am, thoroughly inspired. I have yet to find something made that was as inspiring as this. It is an embodiment of everything that I personally feel I am within.

      Then again, I’m probably the kind that would wish to be one of those space-farers, jumping off the highest cliff in the solar system, or sailing upon the skies of Saturn. But there are some who would not be inspired by the video, and would rather stay at home in their little ‘safe zones’, where they are comfortable with what they are being told life is all about. So much so, that they have the unwillingness/inability to articulate what exists beyond their own boundaries of belief and imagination. That, for me, is a nightmare.

      This video here is for the ones that endeavor to discover and question traditional thought. The same kind, that discovered that we are not the center of the solar system, or that the world is not 10000 years old.

      Have a nice day!

      1. James F Brazant says:

        Thanks for your thoughts and comments, you appear to be one of the few who have admittedly found inspiration from some source. How has this finding been manifested in your life? If something so revealing and moving has come about from this source, then what changes has such resulted in? In other words, are you now so inspired to want to carry out some significant action or activity? In my opinion, if such a transformational experience has occurred in your life, surely, you are now pursuing some ling-held goal that you did not feel so moved to attempt previously. If not, maybe you are not applying your experience practically.

  2. The Late John Lennon says:

    Thanks for sharing this Nick. I was also quite inspired by this film. May our curiosity bring us closer to Serenity.

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