Max to The Moon

Last night, I stumbled upon what has quickly become one of my very favorite Tumblr blogs. Max to the Moon is the “official blog of Max’s Moon Mission.” Max is an “amateur astronaut” and Max to the Moon chronicles his fictional space adventure to the moon and back. While the blog first appealed to my space geek side, I delighted in finding lots of examples of crafty fun as well. First up is Max’s mission patch, a charming hand-stitched image that hearkens back to the simplicity of early Gemini and Apollo mission patches. Next is Max’s spacecraft, what appears to be a small pop-up tent covered in foil and stocked with an awesome hand-drawn control panel (I know what I’m going to make with my kids this weekend …). Finally, Max’s illustrations and videos chronicling his adventures look like they were great fun to make. In the spacewalk video, Max’s parents hold him up to simulate weightlessness as Max makes repairs to his ship. The launch sequence video is particularly brilliant in its execution. I love the whimsy of Max to the Moon, and based on how much fun it is to read, I can only imagine the how much fun the creative process behind it must have been.