Now blogging: John Park

Now blogging: John Park


I’m John Park and I’ve been invited to blog here at Make. I’m thrilled that Phil and the rest of the incredible team are letting me join them.

By day I’m a character rigger making animated movies; by night (and early morning), I’m a father and husband, Maker, and freelance writer. Thanks to a chance encounter at the 2008 Bay Area Maker Faire, I’m going to be the host of the Maker Workshop on the upcoming Make: television show airing on PBS in January.

Topics I’m likely to post about:

  • Coffee hacking
  • Needlessly complex electromechanical contraptions
  • Diving into projects with an imbalanced enthusiasm-to-knowledge ratio
  • Shocking behind-the-scenes tales of making the TV show

Topics I’m unlikely to post about:

  • Hydroelectric power plant overclocking
  • The undiscovered “Soilpunk” gardening technology genre
  • Arduino-based marital aids

It’s a tremendous honor to be here, thank you for having me!

22 thoughts on “Now blogging: John Park

  1. Lenore says:

    Welcome John! I can’t wait to see what more you’ve got to share with us!

  2. Dave says:

    Hey, those sound like interesting topics. I’d like to hear more about Hydroelectric power plant overclocking (Let’s make them run faster!), the undiscovered “Soilpunk” gardening technology genre (I’ve known some people with keyboards so dirty that they have to be in the soilpunk movement!), but I think we can safely leave the Arduino-based marital aids topic alone (since we all know that PIC-based marital aids are superior!). ;-)

    Seriously, though, Coffee hacking should be quite interesting (Are you planning on delving into the chemistry of coffee? Brewing techniques (SpeedBrewing?)? Growing your own coffee? Genetically engineering coffee beans?), as should be Needlessly complex electromechanical contraptions (Can we say Rube Goldberg?). And, haven’t we all been guilty of Diving into projects with an imbalanced enthusiasm-to-knowledge ratio (Ah, making things go BANG most unexpectedly!). The part about Shocking behind-the-scenes tales of making the TV show should be interesting, too (I once had a Dumont television camera based on the RCA 5820 Image Orthicon tube.).

    In any case, welcome!


  3. John Park says:

    Lenore, thanks for your flickr comments on the notebook circuit. If you keep an eye on flickr you’ll have a good idea what my next Make post will be :)

    Dave, You make a compelling argument for moving everything (well, almost everything) up to the first list!

  4. James Jethro Pada says:

    You didn’t used to have a JP account (you know, with this pic and all:×50.png ). Sorry, but you look vaguely similar?

  5. John Park says:

    Yes, that’s me too.

  6. James Jethro Pada says:

    Always figured you’d make it to blogger :)

    1. John Park says:

      Thanks man!

  7. tom says:

    hello: can you check / confirm the measurements / drawings for this project ? something does not add up. thank you. tom

  8. John Park says:

    Hi Tom, here is a link to the discussion on that project. Do any of these comments answer your questions? What isn’t adding up?

  9. tom says:

    hello john: the materials list shows ” wood board, apx 3″ x 20″ x 3/4″ the step 1. mark the antenna frame shows “3” x 30″ ? if you add up 2″ + 5-3/4″ x 3 + 2″ you get 21.25 ” ?? anywho i just grabbed a piece of wood & used some of the info and made it and it works, so i’m happy. enjoy your program. keep up the good / misleading work. take care. tom

  10. cfrend says:

    Its going to be cool what other things you build I can’t wait to see. I wanted to show you my biggest MAKE of my life so far its a smell movie theater called the PIPE that I made here at college. You can see it on you tube at:

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