Reinventing The Radical + Ridiculous At Maker Faire Eindhoven

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Reinventing The Radical + Ridiculous At Maker Faire Eindhoven


Maker Faire Eindhoven specializes in quirky projects that encapsulate both the ever innovative Dutch sense of design and an equally well-honed fondness for whimsy and, sometimes, downright silliness. What’s never in question are the serious skills and inventive acumen that epitomize the makers and projects that populate Maker Faire Eindhoven each year.

This year, the event is once again to be held in the center of the city at the Stadhuisplein (town hall square/plaza).

Check out last year’s event for a sneak peek of what’s coming up! More HERE.

Maker Highlights

Makers of all ages, shapes, and sizes come to Maker Faire Eindhoven bringing everything from micro greens to macro robots!  Explore more makers HERE.

But of course, it wouldn’t be Maker Faire Eindhoven without mentioning the Crazy Parade – the city’s very own mutant vehicle extravaganza!

Cosplay 101

Do you make your own costumes and do you like to show them at the Maker Faire? Eindhoven Maker Faire loves homemade costumes and that is why all visitors in cosplay outfits receive free access to the Eindhoven Maker Faire 2022. Sign up via, put on your best outfit and come by!

Or if you don’t (yet), join Cosplay 101 as enthusiastic cosplayers display their work and give you the opportunity to get started with all kinds of materials. Join Annelies Vermeiren of Berlezsque, Niels the Sciartist, fellight_cosplay and Yasmine Haegens.

Washing Machine Race!⁠

This Maker Faire we are going to race with … washing machines! No big washes, small washes but a neck-and-neck race. A quest for the ultimate washing machine master. How does it work? A team of Builders, led by Jorg Duitsman & William van der Put, assemble broom heads under old washing machines. When the engine is turned on, it causes the machines to move.


Ponytrap performs industrial music on classical instruments with robotic drums. The ensemble features viola, cello, and a robot named “MAX” that runs on car batteries and reads music. “If our post-industrial dystopia needs a soundtrack, Ponytrap can help… a uniquely futuristic classical score of dark rhythms and haunting mechanics.” – the Austin Chronicle

Amie6 Returns!

Scheepswerf Eindhoven

Onno Heesbeen shares his passion for passenger ships on the basis of impressive true-to-life scale models and detailed illustrations. He says of his process, “I work in a wide area, from graphic, illustration, photography, 3D design to model building. My study time fell exactly between the transition from manual to digital, so I got the best of both worlds and this is often reflected in my approach to projects.” For a few years he has been working under my own “label” Onnozone creative studio where my projects and passions for Science Fiction, shipping, industrial history, photography and architecture come together.

We see our reflection every day. Some of us are in love with that, others are insecure. Narcissus is an art project that explores these extra- and introverted traits. Narcissus consists of 8 moving mirrors. It is waiting for people to pass by. When you get close, the mirrors will follow you. You can’t escape easily. For some it is endearing, for others uncomfortable.

Abacus Theatre

As toys they no longer meet the requirements of our time, but once a generation grew up with these ‘tin toys’. Or at least dreamed of it. The cans of space rockets and astronauts are painted in bright colors. Wonderfully moving technical ingenuity with a winding key or even ‘battery operated’. It has been discarded for years and ended up in a corner of the attic. Where young and old let their fantasies go once more and dream of a colorful world that once was. Click images for video.

Are you musical? Or do you not find yourself? It doesn’t matter, everyone can make tones in the Sound Garden. Draw a picture of you playing the tank drums. Or wave your arms and conduct the harmonium. Sit all together around the table and compose a rhythm with the playing pieces. Listen, collaborate, make music!

This is a project created and developed by makers communities of iot & makers lab Apeldoorn, Tilburg & Utrecht. The starting point is to make the energy consumption tangible by switching different types of lamps (= different electrical loads) on/off, so that you feel harder or lighter with your legs on the pedals while cycling. You can also connect a blender and a water pump (fountain) to this. With the water pump with spray head: the harder you pedal, the higher the fountain.

Always wanted to build your own hovercraft? At the Build your own mini hovercraft workshop you can. Build a remote controlled hovercraft from a garbage bag, a motor, a propeller, lots of tape and a WiFi module. You can control the hovercraft with your own smartphone or tablet (iOS and Android).

MotionSense is an interactive experience powered by movement. Generative art and physical computing are combined to generate real-time visualizations of movement, e.g. dancing, playing an instrument. This workshop teaches how to build a wearable sensor that converts movement into data, and how to use that as input in creative coding. Basic coding in Processing is guided. A laptop is necessary, English spoken.

Doing nothing as a statement. It sounds strange, doesn’t change always involve action? Not in a world that pushes us to be reachable, up to date and productive all the time. In our fast, capitalistic and digital world the most powerful thing we can do sometimes is… nothing. With empty events, posts and newsletters, The Big Nothing challenges you to create empty space in your life and on your screen. Find the full [empty] toolbox HERE!

Enter the Plastoscene by Tamiko Thiel

Maker Talks are an important part of Eindhoven Maker Faire – this weekend in Eindhoven. Makers share their insights, knowledge, and practices including:

Talks will be going on Saturday and Sunday every hour at Stadhuis Eindhoven. Learn more HERE

One thing is for certain, Makey is definitely looking forward to getting their groove on! 

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