Sculpting Thor’s Stormbreaker From The Avenger’s Infinity War

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Sculpting Thor’s Stormbreaker From The Avenger’s Infinity War


We’ve had a long and wonderful relationship with Mjolnir, Thor’s faithful hammer, and found ourselves reeling when it met its demise in Thor Ragnarok. During the almost overwhelmingly epic tale of Infinity War, we were introduced to Thor’s new bludgeoning sidekick, Stormbreaker. Part hammer, part axe, part Groot.

Maker Share member Owen Coulter took it upon himself to recreate Stormbreaker as a cosplay prop. Constructed largely from EVA foam, this prop didn’t really require the forges of Nidavellir, but it wasn’t all easy either.

When I was plastidipping it I needed a way to hang it, so I put a coat hanger wire in the bottom of the handle and hung it from the ceiling. It worked for about a day and a half but then it slipped off, hit the floor, wet with plastidip, got covered with wood chips and the top point of the axe was all wrinkled. I had to heatgun it back to shape.

Despite that unfortunate event, Owen pulled it off and we think it looks fantastic.

To read the rest of the story and see all of Owen’s pictures, be sure to check out the project on Maker Share.

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