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Bonnie writes:

After writing endless Star Wars craft projects for Lucasfilm on — like the Bossk Bean Art portrait, Chewie Tissue Box Cozies, Yoda Felt Doll and a ton of others — I figured that I might as well start a group on Livejournal where we can all share our ideas!
Please join the community and post craft project ideas, questions, links you find to other Star Wars craftiness online or whatever! I want to make this a fun crafting community for all of us who can’t help but geek out with a glue gun!

To check out the Star Wars Crafts Live Journal community, visit the site here. – Link.

2 thoughts on “Star Wars Crafts Community

  1. bonniegrrl says:

    thanks for posting! I hope everyone into the geekier side of crafts — or is that the dark side of crafts? — comes over to check out the LJ community! May the Glue Gun Be With You!

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