The Rocketman’s Garage


Ky Michaelson, aka The Rocketman, hails from an illustrious line of makers. On his family tree can be found inventors of the motorcycle transmission and clutch, the rotary lawn-mower blade, the flip-top aspirin box, and the oxygen mask as used in commercial aviation.

As a child dealing with dyslexia, Michaelson struggled in school, but discovered a natural affinity for building things. One day in math class his teacher discovered that he’d hollowed out his textbook and built a crystal set inside (the earpiece wire was concealed through his shirt sleeve). She was awestruck by his ingenuity (in addition to being pissed at him for destroying his book), and it was this ability to dazzle with his creations that sent him on a lifelong quest to build more impressive machines.

Michaelson is forever hungry for power and speed. In his Gyro Gearloose world, he’s never met a moving vehicle he didn’t think would go better with a big-ass rocket engine bolted to its backside. And, at this point, there aren’t too many things he hasn’t “rocketized,” from motorcycles and go-karts to tricycles and kiddie scooters.

And then there are the rocket-powered toilets and barstools. See more of Rocketman’s crazed creations at