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Quick Bits — Media and Audio


Serious Media Player For geeky people (like me) who want really serious hardware that looks really serious, the Wolverine ESP...

Your Electronics Workbench


The Basics First, you’ll need a breadboard. You can call it a “prototyping board,” but this is like calling a...

Choose Your Tools


So far, I’ve detailed the construction of my all-purpose maker-style workshop, which I’ve nicknamed the Barrage Garage. It’s turned out...

Workshop Design Criteria


Egress A 9-foot-wide, automatic, well-insulated door outfitted with required safety equipment was essential. The huge door makes bringing materials in...

Building the Barrage Garage


As a city dweller, I’ve often looked with envy at the spacious outbuildings of my rural friends and relatives. Horse...

The Rocketman’s Garage


Ky Michaelson, aka The Rocketman, hails from an illustrious line of makers. On his family tree can be found inventors...

Mister Jalopy’s Garage


Located on a quiet street flanked by gigantic shade trees in Burbank, Calif., Mister Jalopy’s garage is like a portal...

My New Possibility Engine


I’ve spent most of my adult life having regular access to a workshop of some kind. My first really private...

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