The International Children’s Digital Library

The International Children’s Digital Library

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Children’s books can be a great source of crafty inspiration. Some of the illustrations are so imaginative. The best books can completely immerse you in another world, and the drawings are a great jumping off point for a beautiful embroidery or plush sewing project.

To that end, I wanted to share this amazing website I came across last winter: the International Children’s Digital Library. It’s an online database of scanned children’s books. The entire book is online and free to read! You can search their database by country, language, fiction or nonfiction, target age, length, and even cover color.

The site actually came in really handy one time, when I was babysitting in a hotel with no books for the little ones.

Pictured: A Goat With Seven Kids, Yiddish (top); The 25th Hour, Mongolian (directly above); and The Adventurous Face, Persian (below)


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