This Week in Making: Loki Lego Launcher and Maker Faire Memories

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This Week in Making: Loki Lego Launcher and Maker Faire Memories
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Geek2Startup Geek Jam shared this video of Maker Faire Bay Area. Couldn’t have done it better! Thanks for refreshing all our fond memories.


Did you spot this detail in the latest Ghostbusters film? Learn how Shawn Thorssen put together the awesome hood ornament for the Ecto-1 in a last-minute, but extremely well executed build.

[via Kotaku]

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Hello Make magazine, I really have enjoyed your work over the past couple years. Especially your spy addition. I took my dad’s copy and practically memorized it. The disappearing ink… that was dope. It would be cool to see a 2.0 but you probably already [have] better ideas.
Caleb Schmidt
Sent from a boy scout at camp Pioneer.

Thanks Caleb! I can’t tell you how thrilled everyone was to get your message. We’re glad you like the magazine.

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Rebecca and Kimberly Yeung are two sisters with an interest in science. This week they shared this awesome video of their HAB project, the Loki Lego Launcher. The girls have been documenting their build on their blog.

Congratulations on passing your 90,000 feet altitude goal and collecting some great data and video footage along the way!

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