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Well, we took the feedback people gave us when we posted news of the Twitter contest, designed to try and grow our Twitter community. Folks complained that our channel was little more than an RSS re-feed of Make: Online postings. So, we decided to kill the auto-feed and have the editors of MAKE and Make: Online post original content to the channel throughout the day. We started that mid-week and got an instant and positive response, with lots of folks re-tweeting the news and RTing many of our MAKE tweets. It was definitely time to do this, so thanks for the kick in the collective pants!

So, what sorts of things are we going to be covering on the MAKE Twitter channel?

* We will still be linking to select articles we post here, ones we want to make sure people have on their radars.
* MAKE-worthy items we can’t fit here on the site. We get dozens and dozens of submissions each day. For some of the content we can’t fit here, we’ll post on Twitter.
* News of goings on at MAKE, CRAFT, Maker Faire, Maker Shed, and Make: Online.
* Special Twitter-only deals in the Maker Shed.
* RTs of #makers we are following.
* RTs of anything else on Twitter (and elsewhere) we think might be of interest to #makers.
* Periodic lists of the #makers we’re following who we think you might want to follow too.
* And announcements of Twitter-based contests results, such as:

Winners of this week’s Maker’s Notebooks: @DrSquidopolis, @pickledpandas, @mikeweiss79, @missjennyjenny, @matthewgood – DM your mailing addy!


Winner of this week’s Shed prize: An Arduino MEGA: @simplyshang. Direct Message your mailing address!

Congrats to this week’s winners! Sign up @make to be eligible for next week’s five Notebook giveaways and a kit from the Maker Shed. Not sure what this week’s will be, but I’ll post as soon as we choose something.


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