This Week in Making: Cyber Stylings, Computer Socks, and Building with Balloons

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This Week in Making: Cyber Stylings, Computer Socks, and Building with Balloons


Cyber isn’t a Monday, mom. It’s a lifestyle!

This spread comes from a mid- to late-nineties issue of Mondo 2000. There’s a lot to love about this image from the laser pointer for hassling people in the dark (ultra necessary!) to the cumbersome technologies of yesteryear.


I really wanted the headline of this piece to be “Franz Kafka Statue Is Really Turning Heads” (Get it? Turning Heads! I amuse myself.), but I was told that was too cheesy.

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Years ago Becky Stern created this iconic body sock for her computer. Since then, it has lived on in internet infamy. Recently she made this video blog about the history behind this peculiar knitting project. If you think you need one of your own, Becky has the project up on Instructables. Personally, I think this is would make a great gift for the roommate who has no shame.


Airigami has been twisting together massive balloon sculptures for years. This article shows you some beginner techniques to make balloon archways and balloon walls.


This week we announced the winners of the Make: Halloween contest. You can see the winners here, but you should really check out all the entries. We had a tough time narrowing down our picks for the Editor’s choice. In the future we’re looking into doing contests with faster turn-arounds (keep your eyes peeled for a new contest on Monday), but I have to say we’ve really enjoyed watching the projects come in. There’s nothing quite like reliving Halloween all November to fight the Christmas creep. And now it’s December. It’s almost like November didn’t even need to happen. Just could have skipped it this year. An entirely unnecessary month. Useless.

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