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vancouver mini maker faire

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We’ve all been there. You’re at home, relaxing on the hammock, in the shade and the thought occurs to you, I need a nice cool refreshment but I just can’t bring myself around to getting up, going to the fridge, opening up and replenishing vital body fluids. What to do? Now you have the answer, visit a Maker Fair and learn how to build an automated “anything” for yourself using recycled, re-purposed or just plain old garbage to build just about anything you could ever imagine, including an automated beverage “go getter”. There was surprisingly little for sale at this Maker Faire. Most of it was centered around teaching people how you too can build your own devices out of scrapped items. The coordinators said that they cover costs largely though ticket sales and some food vendors. A better day for the family could not be had anywhere i my opinion, highly recommended. There’s a Makers Faire in just about every major city in North America!
This is a great starting point.
Lets get some great Reporters out for these upcoming shows, this is great story material.
Produced and Hosted by Percy von Lipinski
Cameras: Pascal Kammer and Luiza Gurgel
Editor: Matt Gibbs

Special Thanks to Emily Smith and Arielle Fraser of Maker Faire

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Vancouver Mini Maker Faire

Come meet nearly 100 the finest makers the Vancouver, BC area has to offer and see their projects at the first annual Vancouver Mini Maker Faire this Saturday and Sunday 10am-5pm. Hosted by Vancouver Hackspace, we have been fortunate enough to have filled the entire Great Northern Way Campus Centre for Digital Media and with workshops, demos, and lectures by some of Vancouver’s finest local makers. Here’s a few Maker highlights that will be at this all-ages event this weekend:

At this year’s Vancouver Mini Maker Faire, we’re proud to present Metro Diverse Services‘ Panterragaffe!

The inspiration for Panterragaffe came from watching the Dutch artist, Theo Jansen‘s, kinetic sculptures. Unfortunately, without any design drawings it took 13 months and three rebuilds to reverse engineer the linkage from a photograph. The current construction weighs 600lbs and is all steel with ballbearing joints.

Panterragaffe is an example of Metro Diverse Services‘ playful approach to engineering or an engineering approach to art.

And thats just the beginning! Fire shows, lectures, installations, water-powered generators, modular synths and furbies! And did we mention that you’ll get to:

  • Learn how to solder by putting together your own cycEL, DIY electro-luminescent-wire bike kits!
  • Learn how to tie knots from the Pacific Americas Branch of the International Guild of Knot Tyers who will bring a local focus for knot tyers in the Western U.S., Canada and Alaska.
  • Learn how to make and engage with interactive music and multimedia using devices like the Arduino, Kinect, and Monome like a boss!
  • DIY cured, smoked, and delectable BACON!

There isn’t a better time to participate in some of the great achievements that have been made in this city. Tickets are available at the door, but if [ordered online](http:// will include a discount. Come down this weekend from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 577 Great Northern Way for this all-ages event and see what Vancouver is all about!

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