Web-controlled car launcher launches car at toddler

Spotted in the MAKE Flickr pool:

Flickr user Rumtopf built this web-controlled car launcher to allow visitors to his family’s to launch a toy car out of a closet for their son to play with. I like the simple design, which allows up to five cars to be launched using a single motor and light sensor. You can visit their website to launch a car yourself (only during regular toddler business hours). Looks like a fun project!

6 thoughts on “Web-controlled car launcher launches car at toddler

  1. StefanJ says:

    . . . use a modified version of this to dispense mice into your python’s terrarium?

  2. rahere says:

    This has something of The Machine Stops about it: any normal parent would ensure the kid had someone to fetch the toy themselves, or allow the kid to get it. Toddlers and equipment – particularly electrics – are never a good idea.

  3. liebesiech says:

    feeding your cat or the toddler?!

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