Welcome to Saint Malo and the Faire

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Welcome to Saint Malo and the Faire


This post is coming to you live from the Saint-Malo Mini Maker Faire in France, being held all weekend at the Quai Duguay-Trouin.

There are three Mini Maker Faires being held weekend, one on the west coast in Fresno, another on the east coast in Newark. The third faire is being held in Saint-Malo on the northern coast of France, and I’ll be here all weekend bringing you news live from the faire.

This is the second faire in Saint Malo, the first was a much smaller affair back in 2013, and the second time I’ve managed to make it across the channel to France and be here for the fun. I’ll be live blogging the faire over the course of the weekend, so if you can’t make it here you can at least watch over my shoulder.

Of course if you can’t make it here we’re just over a month away from the biggest faire of them all, Maker Faire Bay Area. Why don’t you come along?

So roll up, roll up, for the greatest show (and tell) on Earth.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Saint Malo and the Faire

  1. Welcome to Saint Malo and the Faire Sherry Huss says:

    Thanks for your post Alasdair! Looking forward to seeing more for Maker Faire Saint Malo!

    1. Guest says:

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