What are your favorite hackerspace projects?

What are your favorite hackerspace projects?

Remember Adam Cecchetti and Bre Pettis’s Sudo Make Me a Sandwich Robot? That’s the sort of genius that gets cooked up in hackerspaces all the time. Leave a comment with a link to your favorite completed or largely-completed project that was germinated in a hackerspace. Your own projects are fine, don’t be modest!

4 thoughts on “What are your favorite hackerspace projects?

  1. Kathryn Small (Robots & Dinosaurs) says:

    With our spanking new (well, $100 on eBay) PCR machine at the Sydney hackerspace, we’re planning to repeat the Otyp fluorescent gene cloning experiment. This involves extracting fluorescent genes from a jellyfish, inserting them into bacteria, then “drawing” glow-in-the-dark pictures with bacteria in petri dishes. We’re hoping to get lots of high school students involved. You can see the original project here:


    The PCR machine also gets us one step closer to a tiny, robotic velociraptor army.

  2. Gav says:

    Hmmm… this is a tricky one. If the Makerbot counts as being ‘from’ NYC resistor, then definitely that.

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