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When we post new content on MAKE, we love hearing from our readers. Whether the comments be informative, insightful, or funny, here are our favorites from the past week, from Makezine, our Facebook page, Google+ Community, and Twitter.

In the article The Smallest Homes on Earth, chuck commented:

Tiny homes are anti maker. They are great for consumers who need a place to sleep and watch TV or for socialites who spend their time out of the house, but for folks who do things, they are not a good fit. Where do you store your tools? Where do you keep your recyclables and salvage stuff? Where do you plug in your plasma cutter, CNC machine, kiln or other power hungry gear? How do you prepare meals or bake bread in a tiny kitchen, not to mention canning, butchering game, brewing beer and so many other sustainable maker activities? What about home based businesses? I know that many folks rely on collectivist maker spaces, and they are great for socializing, collaborating and education, but they don’t fit the needs of everyone. I understand that McMansions are unsustainable, but I use every inch of my two bedroom house with a garage, and I still need space. I appreciate the dialog these projects open up about sustainability and reduction of waste, but where do we draw the line between sustainability and smug hipster asceticism?

In the piece 5-4-3-2-1 Things about Christian Ristow, Tyson Haverkort remarks:

Please, PLEASE confirm that son IS called “Kodiak Turbo Bonanza”.

On MAKE’s Facebook page, we announced our Spring Fling – 20% off Oakland Ballistics Trebuchet Kits, to which Mark Brumbaugh responded with:

I want this for my desk at work

On MAKE’s Google+ Community, maker Dag Elias Sørdal showed off his R/C car modded with cool blue LED headlights.
14.04.13 - 1

In the article Ten Tips for Workshop Organization and Optimization, Andrew Terranova responded with:

I saved a lot of plastic buckets from pool chemicals, cat litter, and other products. These got cleaned and labeled and used to store various tools and accessories. I have one for plumbing, one for my orbital sander, one for my belt sander, one for my pop-rivet and masonry gun, one for other masonry tools, one for drywall tool… You get the idea.
Each is clearly labeled, easily portable, stackable, and (since my basement has flooded a few times) is water tight with the lid on!

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