BYOB: Build Your Own Biosphere This Weekend at BioCurious

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BYOB: Build Your Own Biosphere This Weekend at BioCurious

BioCurious logoTHIS SATURDAY!

Looking for last minute weekend plans? Come visit the first-ever class at the newly minted BioCurious Hackerspace in Sunnyvale.

We’ll be making DIY ecosystems — fully self-supporting and sealed from the outside world, with some plants, animals, and a few drops of pond scum, in a Mason jar. These same biospheres sell in airline catalogs for hundreds of dollars. We’ll also review other closed-environment life support systems (CELSS), and discuss a new project to build a gigantic biosphere. You can bring your own container, or use one provided. Raymond McCauley, biohacker extraordinaire, is leading the class!

Pictured to the left, everyone’s favorite planet (Earth!) has an uber-big biosphere. If you bring an Earth-sized mason jar to BioCurious on Saturday, we can build another planet!

Special Note: A BBC film crew will be at the lab on Saturday doing interviews (for a documentary on synthetic biology), so class participants must consent to be filmed.

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845 Stewart Drive, Sunnyvale
California, Earth

What is BioCurious?
We believe that innovations in biology should be accessible, affordable, and open to everyone. We’re building a community biology lab for amateurs, inventors, entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to experiment with friends. BioCurious provides laboratory space and equipment for members and classes for the public.

Make: Biosphere — Three years and counting!

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