EVCast – Get kids excited about Electric Vehicles

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EVCast – Get kids excited about Electric Vehicles


This weekend Marc Geller of Plug In America and I were interviewed by Nikki Bloomfield for EVCast, a biweekly podcast about Electric Vehicles.

Host Nikki Bloomfield is joined by lifelong educator Chris Connors from MAKE Magazine and Marc Geller, EV advocate and blogger from Plug in America. They discuss encouraging young people into the world of EVs through education, hands on experiments and workshops.

A few of the things we talked about were helping kids get excited about Electric Vehicles, resources for EV information, education resources for teachers, next week’s Maker Faire, and the Electric Vehicles Flickr pool. Good books we talked about EVs included Solo by Noel Perrin, Electric Dreams by Caroline Kettlewell and Build your own Electric Vehicle by Bob Brandt and The Adventures of Ellie the Electric Car by Julia Ammons.

You can listen to the show or if you fill out the free registration, you can download the mp3 file. Nikki has also edited the file down and it is on her site.

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2 thoughts on “EVCast – Get kids excited about Electric Vehicles

  1. hurf durf says:

    I didn’t need some douchebags to get me excited about electric vehicles as a child. I totally wanted a Lee Majors electric jeep when I was a kid.

    Then I grew up.

    Why are these people targeting kids? Hmmm, lemme think….

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