Homemade Aluminum Longboard Deck

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Homemade Aluminum Longboard Deck

Your typical, complete, drop-through longboard seems to weigh in at about eight lbs. This homemade aluminum version from Redditor davvik is, therefore, pretty seriously overweight at 12. But that may not matter, depending on the intended use and the rider’s preferences.

His construction method seems pretty accessible, too. The truck-mounting plates are milled billet, but the treads themselves appear to be just cut and/or bent flat bar stock of the type sold at hardware stores, laminated together with a bunch of bolts, washers, nuts, and spacers. The spacers are drilled aluminum round rod, but the other hardware is stainless steel, which probably accounts for a significant chunk of the total weight. The design is similar to this fancy CNC-milled drop-deck version from David Cindrich. More pics and dimensioned drawings available in the photo album, below. [via Hack a Day]

A longboard out of aluminum

From the Pages of MAKE:

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Garage go-kart building is a time-honored tradition for DIYers, In this issue of MAKE, we’ll show you how to build wheeled wonders that’ll have you and the kids racing around the neighborhood in epic DIY style. Build a longboard skateboard by bending plywood and build a crazy go-kart driven by a pair of battery-powered drills. Put a mini gasoline engine on a bicycle. And construct an amazing wind-powered cart that can outrun a tailwind. Plus you’ll learn how to build the winning vehicle from our online Karts and Wheels contest! In addition to karts, you’ll find plenty of other projects that only MAKE can offer!


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