How-To: Tesla “Spooky Spirit” radio

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How-To:  Tesla “Spooky Spirit” radio
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Instructables user mrfixits just posted this su-wheet luminiferous aetheric Tesla-punk tranceive-o-mogrifier doo-dad build. He explains it rather better than I:

The Spooky Tesla Spirit Radio is a crystal radio circuit in a jam-jar. It makes fun spooky sounds by responding to input from several types of electromagnetic sources. This non-powered radio plugs right into the computer sound-in jack, and makes use of audio software for real time sound effects.

2 thoughts on “How-To: Tesla “Spooky Spirit” radio

  1. says:

    …I would totally buy a kit for this from the Maker Store.

  2. Jon Tereszkiewicz says:

    This device does not even closely resemble the device used by Tesla to try to communicate with extraterristrials. It was not made to communicate with spirits.

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