Time to Bone up on the Chemistry of Fireworks

Time to Bone up on the Chemistry of Fireworks
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In honor of Independence Day in the United States, here’s John A. Conkling, adjunct professor and fireworks expert to show us the chemistry behind fireworks. Watch this video and learn the science so that you can impress all your friends and family tonight with your incredible knowledge. [via Adafruit]

6 thoughts on “Time to Bone up on the Chemistry of Fireworks

  1. Sue W says:

    I enjoyed the vid, thanks!

  2. adcurtin says:

    Does a post like this make you feel better about yourself? Why would you waste your time?

    Did you say that every day you were in school? When you learned about 0, did you say that the concept of 0 was invented a couple millenia B.C. and the strict representation of it in 300B.C.?

  3. Michelangelclone says:

    Sadfully I can’t see it, the video seems “private” to me :(

  4. klsabin says:

    Yep, would love to see this but it’s blocked. Oh, hey, look what I found on Vimeo! http://vimeo.com/12772132

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