A Twitter-enabled toilet

A Twitter-enabled toilet


Hacklab.to is at it again. This time around they’ve made a twittering toilet using an Arduino and an Adafruit ethernet interface. The toilet will post to Twitter with every flush. Seth Hardy, who came up with the idea, says:

Everyone is making things that connect to Twitter, and the Arduino environment makes it easy to interface hardware to the Internet. Using a small bit of perfboard, I wired up a mercury tilt switch, and two resistors, as described in the well-known Ladyada Arduino tutorial.

Follow along if you dare http://twitter.com/hacklabtoilet.

6 thoughts on “A Twitter-enabled toilet

  1. zack says:

    Seriously. TwitterShitter is a much better name than Hacklab Toilet.

  2. Rufus T. Harlemberry says:

    This project is both the best metaphor and the best use of twitter.

  3. rds.com says:

    I assembled http://TomatoCam.net: a camera and a motion detector that snaps a picture and sends it to Twitter @TomatoCam http://twitter.com/TomatoCam whenever the tomatoes grow. Or if something else happens.

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